This Practice

  • Benchmark Experts has brought together the expertise of a range of medical specialists to provide independent expert opinions relating to medical negligence issues and matters of personal injury.
  • Our specialists are qualified to assess cases involving a wide variety of medical craft groups.
  • Additional specialists can be located upon request.
  • Comprehensive CV’s are available for each specialist upon request.

Benchmark Experts also provides experts in Construction Field including Architects, Building Code Specialists, Engineering Specialists and Cleaning Operations Specialists.

How to Brief a Benchmark Specialist

  • Forward a written request including:
    • The specific specialist field required and/or the medical condition.
    • The nature of the claim.
    • All available documentation (eg hospital clinical notes, statements, pathology reports, medical reports etc.)
    • Time limits.
  • Benchmark specialists review each written request and accompanying documents prior to accepting a case for the following reasons:
    • Minimum costs are incurred if it is unlikely the claim can be supported.
    • A quote is provided for a comprehensive written report and the fee is governed by the complexity of the case and the amount of documents that have to be carefully reviewed and analysed.
    • To ensure that the most appropriate specialist is selected.
    • To ensure that there is no conflict of interest.
    • To ascertain whether a physical examination is required.
  • After perusal, evaluation and analysis of the written request and accompanying documentation Benchmark’s specialist with either:
    • Provide a verbal or written opinion in brief indicating the expert’s conclusions.
    • Or, provide a quote for a comprehensive written report.


  • Payment of a file review fee is required in all cases.
  • In some cases prepayment is required in full.
  • If there is an exceptionally large amount of documentation to be reviewed an extra fee may be incurred.
  • Fees for other services such as supplementary reports, conferences and court attendances are quoted on a case by case basis.
  • We encourage payments by EFT Transfer. Cheques should be made payable to Benchmark Experts.